It is said that a question also contains the answer that is being sought, an astrologer’s job is to decipher what that answer is! This is somewhat similar to the concept of ‘Synchronicity’ which was originally developed by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.
Horary Astrology or Prashna Kundali is a powerful astrological tool. It can be used when:
  • The Birth Chart is not available or birth data like the date and exact time of birth is not known.
  • It can also be used when one wants answers to questions like: ‘Will get a job in Xyz Company?’ or ‘Will I be able to marry Xyz person?’ or ‘Will I get admission in Xyz college or university?’ etc.

Questions such as these where one wants to know about one specific company or one specific person or one specific school, college or university etc. cannot be answered using the birth horoscope. Such questions can only be answered using the Horary Chart or a Prashna Kundali.

Casting a horary chart is similar to holding a magnifying glass; in that sense the scope of a horary chart or Prashna Kundali is limited to the particular question for which it has been cast and not for any other matters. For example, if a horary chart has been cast for the question ’Will I get an admission in Xyz university?’ then this chart cannot be used to find out whether you will get a job after you finish your education.

In Krishnamurti Paddhati a Horary Chart is prepared on the basis of a number given by you. This number should fall between 1 and 249.

Procedure for selecting the Horary Number:
Sit in a quiet place. Calm your mind. Hold the question in your mind. Think about the question for a couple of minutes. Then pick any number that comes to your mind spontaneously. The number should fall between 1 and 249.

Please resist the temptation of giving your lucky number or your favourite number etc. Also, while selecting the number please refrain from thinking about too many things as this may give wrong reading.

You also have an option of clicking a button to generate the number. When you click on this button the computer will automatically generate a random number. This is a better option.

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In last 20 year you have given me and my relatives excellent guidance in various aspects of life, especially in match-making. With your correct guidelines we were able to take appropriate decisions and we are very happy.


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