Shri Sandeep Patel and I are associated for over a decade. He is a person with a spiritual bent of mind and has a deep study of astrology.

He is good at Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati of astrology as well as Vaastu science. The experience that he has had in this field makes him an ideal person for any help in this field.

I am certain that with his background, experience and dedication to the subject of astrology he will give you precise guidance and help you reach your goals.

Shri Deepak Tembe. Mumbai
 Renowned Astrologer and Vaastu Consultant.


I contacted Sandeep regarding my business a few months ago. I was at a crossroad between a job and pursuing an existing business. Sandeep was able to lay out and explain the scenarios under both situations with the help of my astrological chart. Sandeep was thorough, answered each of my questions in detail and also gave me his opinions pertaining to the situations. I decided to stay with my business and am happy for the decision that Sandeep helped me make.

~ Rashmi J. Chauhan 
   HealthTech Services, Michigan, USA.


Sri. Sandeep Patel exhibited traits of a true astrologer that were apparent to me even with the limited interaction that I had with him over e-mail some time back. I was in a tight spot related to my professional life and approached him for astro-help. He demonstrated compassion, professionalism, confidence and knowledge - attributes of a good astrologer. His prediction was accurate. His positive approach also helped restore my sagging morale. I wish him all the best in his astrological pursuits. God bless.
Dr. Ramakrishnan Krishnamurthy PhD. New Delhi.


In last 20 year you have given me and my relatives excellent guidance in various aspects of life, especially in match-making. With your correct guidelines we were able to take appropriate decisions and we are very happy. I pray God to help you in proving that astrology is a science. Best wishes for the new website.

Ramesh K Shah, Nasik


When it comes to astrology analysis and guidance, my 29 years of consultations with Sandeep have been very satisfying and rewarding.  Areas ranged from the times I was dating to checking matches for my siblings’ life partners to family member’s business ventures but Sandeep’s astrology guidance was consistent and amazingly helpful! 

Dr. Bharat J. Chauhan, D.M.D.
   Michigan, USA


Congratulations to Mr. Sandeep Patel for launching his new Astrology website. Since many years my family and I have benefitted from his knowledge of astrology. He has been guiding us without any selfish motive. He has supported us in our good and bad times. We take major decisions of our lives only after consulting him and we are quite successful in our personal and professional lives. I know many people who have been quite impressed with his knowledge of astrology. He is an exceptional person who is quite successful in his profession. My good wishes for his new website.

Hemant Sanghavi. Mumbai.


Evolution of universe is a critical vision of human race. Astrology, a half science, is nothing but a systematic, logical study of planetary effects on human beings.
Sandeep Patel, as I have known him, has developed a deep insight into 'Krishnamurti' method of scientific calculation and prediction and has applied this outstanding prediction method very successfully.
My Heartiest Good Wishes for a successful venture.

Bharat Jani. Ahmedabad.


Dear Sandeep,

I am happy to give my impression about you based on my on previous consultations with you as an astrologer.

Your are excellent in astrology and have an in depth knowledge of the subject. Your judgement was very precise and you explained your reading in simple words without any ambiguity and also gave right solutions to the problem.

Wish you all the success.

With warm regards,

Bharat Sheth


Dear Sandeep bhai,

Congratulations on your correct prediction about MGA. When there was no hope, you had dared to predict the correct dates. You had said: “It will happen between May 9 and July 17 2009!”
‘It’ has happened exactly as you had predicted.

I understand you have started your website. As your old friend, I am sure, your knowledge of the subject, your patience and hard work will make your venture successful.
Best wishes,


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