Questions on education.
The students have never had so much to choose from in the field of education as it is available to them today. There are so many choices available to the students today that were simply not available barely a couple of decades ago. But, along with the options, the competition has also increased. There are too many students chasing too few available seats in colleges and institutions of higher learning. In such a situation astrology can help a student in narrowing down the options to the ones that are best suited to him and in which he can excel.

Questions on career.
All of us work to earn our living. While some people enjoy their work so much that they cannot have enough of it, there are many who feel trapped in their careers which they hate but cannot leave because they feel that they have no options available to them. While for others it is an uphill task simply finding a job or a career. If we are engaged in doing something that we truly love then the work becomes a pleasure. Astrology can offer us guidance to realise our true potential. Through astrology we can also find out periods which are good or not so good for us and realise our goals.

Questions on health. 
Every person who is born will have to die. But between these two milestones of the birth and death, how can we know whether our life will move on a path that is smooth or bumpy. What kind of health shall we be able to enjoy? What are the potentially bad periods for our health? And if we are sick, when can we return back to health? With the help of astrology we can attempt to find out the answers to such questions.

Questions on love and marriage.
Marriages, it is said, are made in heaven. Some marriages are full of bliss, harmony and true love; while others seem like nightmares. We always wonder, what is in store for me? Some people marry early some people have late marriages, while some do not marry at all. Astrology can give us pointers to the kind of life partner we can expect and the kind of relationship we will be able to enjoy and the measures we can take to make our married life full of love, bliss and contentment.

Questions on children.
Children are images of god. Both the partners in a marriage desire to have children. In earlier times childlessness was a stigma. Today it is not so. But a married life does seem incomplete without children. Many questions regarding progeny like the likely time when one may have children, their health, education etc. can be judged through astrology.

Questions on business and finance.
Business and finance are intricately interrelated. All businesses move through cycles of growth, consolidation and decline. If we can know in advance the likely time of each of these three stages then we can plan our business strategies accordingly to maximise gains and minimise losses. Which are good and bad periods in businesses? Which is the right time to make an investment? When can we expect the business to grow? With the help of astrology we can seek answers to questions like these.

Questions on property.
Everyone desires a home of her/his own. Some people are always blessed with a home of their own while there are some who spend their entire lives in rented houses. Astrology can throw light on the questions like the kind of property that we may have and the likely period in which we may buy a house or a property. When will I be able buy my own house? When can I find a house on rent? When can I realise a good price for my house? We can attempt to find answers to all such questions through astrology.

There can be a number of issues like these that may be of vital importance to us. With the help of astrology we can attempt to find the answers to issues like these and try to determine the right approach to deal with them.


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